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Why Choose K-Link?

The Board of Directors And Management Are Experienced, Visionary And Able To Deliver
The Board of Directors are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the MLM industry.
A Legitimate Direct Selling Company
With globally recognised approval, K-Link International products are safe to consume and use by consumers.
Implementing E-Commerce Business
Stays updated on current affairs and latest technogy for smooth operation.

Well-Planned Management System

  • Finance Department
    - Bonus Payout, Sales, Financial Management.
  • Marketing Department
    - Communicating and Coordinating with Organisation.
    - Planning and Arranging Activities, Schedule, etc.
  • Editorial Department
    - Bulletin, Brochures and Catalogues.
  • EDP Department
    - Distributors Bonus Calculation, Customer Services
  • Warehouse Department
    - Delivery System and Storage.
  • Administration Department
    - Personnel Management, Administration.
  • IT Department
    - E-Commerce and IT Management.

Our Commitment To Provide Excellent And Revolutionary Products

Globalise And Lucrative Marketing Plan
Offer a simple yet rewarding Marketing Plan for everyone.

The Power of Duplication / Provides Professional Training And Activities
Provides simple step by step education and training conducted by highly trained professionals.

Our standardised training module

  • Simple, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to do, easy to teach

Concept of Networking Multiplication is DUPLICATION




Strategic Planning Board

  • The Role: The top advisory board for K-LINK's system.
  • Formation: Appointed by the top management of K-LINK International.
  • Responsibility: Assist the company in the set-up code of operations for the distributors and direction of development.



Ambassador Committee

  • The Role: Act as the highest rank for distributors.
  • Formation: Qualified Royal Crown Ambassadors, Senior Crown Ambassadors and Crown Ambassadors.
  • Responsibility: Ambassadors appointed by K-LINK's top management.

    1. To implement K-LINK's educational training modules.
    2. Co-ordinate planning, arrangement and actions of all activities.



Crown Manager Committee

  • The Role: Act as core leaders for distributors.
  • Formation: Qualified Crown Managers appointed by K-LINK's top management.
  • Responsibility: Implement K-LINK's educational training modules (Leadership by example).



Diamond Manager Committee

  • The Role: Act as central committee members for distributors.
  • Formation: Qualified Diamond Managers appointed by K-LINK's top management.
  • Responsibility: Assist lower rank distributors to master K-LINK's system education modules.