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Products - Beauty Care


K-BeauCareline Natural Contour Cream
(BC 022)

  • Enhanced with essence of multiple natural plants complex extracts
  • Specially formulated to help improve skin complexion
  • Helps to enhance cell regeneration and restoration
  • Helps to slow ageing of skin
  • Assists to maintain the youthfulness of skin
  • Promotes metabolisme of the body
  • Shapes body contour

K-BeauCarelineŽ Bird's Nest Series

Unlocking the secret of perfect skin with K-BeauCarelineŽ Bird's Nest Series! Formulated using finest quality bird's nest and various active ingredients, it is a skin care line which improves and nourishes your skin inside and out, giving your skin an indulgence of bird's nest precious beauty properties!


K-LINK SALOMÉ Product Series (SBC001-015, SFC001-013, SMC001-009, SGP001-002)

K-LINK SALOMÉ Product Series is enriched with unique minerals from Dead Sea to provide comprehensive care for your face, hair and body, so you can look youthful and beautiful once again!

K-Ion SPA Eye Mask (BC033)

K-Ion SPA Eye Mask produces comfortable heat to moisten and soothe tired eyes. Refresh and calm yourself to brighter looking eyes at anytime, anywhere!


D'Flora Cosmetic Series (BC036, BC037-MB, BC037-WA, BC038-GD, BC038-MI, BC039)

D'Flora Cosmetic Series applies the most advanced nanotechnology, combining effective micro-molecules, unique texture and precious natural herbs with rose-based extract to create women's natural beauty.