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Products - Health Care - K-CleanWater V2

How does K-CleanWater V2 function?

The surface structure of Micro Z Media features microscopic mineral projections which allow particulate matters to penetrate deeply into the bed. It helps to remove small particles (as small as < 5 microns) in the water. Further, trapping fine sediments at the surface of Silicon Sand and also helping to save water during backwash due to shorter period required and higher velocity compared to other single medium filters.

Benefits of K-CleanWater V2 :

  1. No Blockage Problems
    It can be either a full flow or kidney loop system.(where back-washable filtration system is available).
  2. Low Operating Cost
    Minimum maintenance and personnel exposure. No more changing cartridges.
  3. Multi Stage Filtration
    Filtration out sediments up to 10 microns in water.
  4. Top Quality Sand
    Important from USA , Australia , especially Zoelite sand from Australia , made effective in filtering contaminants.
  5. Rust Free
    Anti-rush, long lasting fiberglass body, warranty from USA manufacturer for 10 years.
  6. Water pressure is not affected
  7. User Friendly
    3 easy steps for maintenance of filter.
  8. Healthy living
    Beneficial to sensitive skin.
  9.  5 years efficacy filtration
    Filtration systems efficacy is maintained for up to 5 years.