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Products - Health Care - Slimming Body Undergarment

This undergarment not only enables women to look and feel good about themselves. With a combination of negative and copper ions, anti-germs fiber, magnetic wave and far infrared rays, the product helps to regulate, massage and improve blood circulation in the body. Below are the functions of the Slimming Body Undergarment:

  • Negative ions promote blood circulation and help provide a calming effect when one is feeling tense or nervous.
  • Copper ions help to get rid of odour and unpleasant smell.
  • Anti-germs fiber helps to prevent bacteria growth. Its high elastic material provides the best comfort and anti-roll up function to experience a confident feeling and help accomplish a desired figure.
  • Magnetic-wave massage is applied to increase metabolism rate, improve blood circulation and regulate autonomic nervous system to have a better and healthy body.
  • Far Infrared Rays help improve blood circulation and metabolism, burn excess fat and extra calories, thereby shaping up attractive body curves.