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Products - Health Drink


K-Liquid Chlorophyll (HD 006)

K-Liquid Chlorophyll is extracted from alfalfa, known for its highly valued nutrients. Alfalfa, also known as the “father of food” in Arabic due to its powerful healing properties is a natural source of nutrients that is used to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate the body.

Golden Valley SOD High Grade Rooibos Tea (HD 001)

Golden Valley SOD High Grade Rooibos Tea is a truly unique beverage with a full range of health benefits that can be enjoyed both hot and cold as well as a refreshing drink on all occasion.


K-Trecious Botanical Beverage Mix Blackcurrant With Spirulina (HD 019)

K-Trecious Botanical Beverage Mix Blackcurrant With Spirulina offers a balanced meal to adults and children as well as an energy booster that helps to provide athletes with energy and stamina. It can also help to cleanse our body’s internal organs and boosts our immune system.

K-LINK Arabica Coffee (HD 004)

K-LINK Arabica Coffee is made from a unique blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans with ginseng and ganoderma extract. Start your morning with a fresh cup of K-Link Arabica coffee. Its delightful aroma is enough to freshen you up, making you feel more energetic and rejuvenated.


K-Liquid Mixed Collagen DrinkK (HD 009)

K-Liquid Mixed Collagen Drink is a natural beauty drink, with delicious fruity aroma, rich with collagen for smoother and brighter skin. It helps to regain the glow and youthfulness of your skin!


K-Multi Berry Juice (HD 012)

Give your active lifestyle an extra kick today with K-Multi Berry Juice, a daily health drink that is made from wholesome extracts of berries and various health boosting natural ingredients to help you maintain everyday vitality.


Triple Stem Cell (HD 018)

Triple Stem Cell is a liquid preparation that contains 4 powerful ingredients including apple stem cell extract, grape stem cell extract, argan stem cell extract and milk protein (Growth Factor Concentrate-GFC™). It stimulates the growth of stem cells in the skin, keeping the skin young and beautiful.