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Organic K-Biogreen (HF 016)

Organic K-Biogreen is a well-balanced and nutritious organic food source made from ingredients such as beans, grains, vegetables, seaweed, bifido-bacteria and food enzyme to cleanse and detoxify, rejuvenate and restore the healthy functions of the body.

Riddance (HF 006)

Riddance is formulated from natural herbs and is a detoxification product. It cleanses and detoxifies our entire body. RIDDANCE plays the role of a filter to the body and also cleanses toxins.

(K.K.L.I.U 0355/2015)


Propolis Platinum (HF 015)

Propolis Platinum is made of plant compounds that have high quality antioxidant properties and possess rich bioflavonoid content. Bioflavonoid stimulate white blood cells that help to improve the body's immune system.

(K.K.L.I.U 0355/2015)

K-OmegaSqua (HF 029)

K-OmegaSqua is a supplement that provides benefits for our health. It consist of Omega 3, Squalene and Vitamin E that help to improve our body and immune system.

(K.K.L.I.U 0355/2015)


K-OsteoCal (HF 028)

K-OsteoCal powder contains a unique blend of organic calcium, marine collagen, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals. It is formulated as a readily available and well assimilated calcium and collagen source particularly recommended to people from all walks of life. In addition, this unique product also contains health-promoting ingredients that contribute to boosting your immune system and is particularly useful for health problems of bones.

K-Sage Plus (HF 030 & HF 030s)

K-Sage Plus is a herbal extract dietary supplement specially designed help to improve the function of the body and used for general well-being.

(K.K.L.I.U 0355/2015)


K-Sauda VCO (HF 031)

K-Sauda VCO is a combination of Virgin Coconut Oil and Habbatus Sauda Oil. It helps to enhance the body's immune system for our general well-being. K-Sauda VCO is processed using a special technique, therefore reducing the possibility of damaging its Fatty Acid. K-Sauda VCO is prepared in a soft capsule for easy consumption and not easily damaged or contaminated by air and bacteria.

(K.K.L.I.U 0355/2015)

K-Lingzhi Gold (HF 043S)

K-Lingzhi Gold helps to enhance your immune system and acts as an antioxidant. The Lingzhi are grown in a Green House Hygienic Environment which is chemical-free.

(K.K.L.I.U 0355/2015)


K-NutraMix (HF 044)

K-NutraMix is a natural and nutritious high fibre soy protein beverage mix. K-NutraMix can be served as a dietary beverage or used in weight and health management plans.

Osaji (HF 051)

Osaji is specially formulated from a type of natural plant called Sea Buckthorn. The pure Sea Buckthorn oil is rich with nutrients and contains nutrients beneficial to the body.

(K.K.L.I.U 0355/2015)


BeauSKEEN (HF 049)

BeauSKEEN is a traditional formulation specially derived from plants, based on Pueraria Mirifica, Labisia Photoina (Kacip Fatimah), Nigella Sativa (Habatus Sauda) and Terminalia Chebula (Manjakani). It is traditionally used for women's general health and to improve skin texture and body contour.

(K.K.L.I.U 0355/2015)

Apricot B17 Beverage (HF 058)

Apricot B17 Beverage is a supplementary drink with wholesome goodness of apricots, fruits, seeds, barley grass, sea coral and probiotics, which helps support your diet in a natural way.


K-Siberian Chaga (HF 053)

Chaga (scientific name: Inonotus obliquus) is a fungus that grows on birch trees in Siberia, Northern parts of Europe, China, Japan and other cold, harsh regions. Since as early as in the 16th century, people in Russia and Eastern Europe have already been using chaga to maintain their wellbeing. Among all varieties of mushrooms, Siberian Chaga is believed to be one of the best as it contains richer antioxidants.

Mixed Skim Milk with Colostrum and Beta Glucan (HF 063)

Nourish your body everyday with the goodness of milk, colostrum and beta glucan packed in Mixed Skim Milk with Colostrum & Beta Glucan from K-LINK. Made from low fat skim milk, nutrient-rich colostrum and immune-boosting beta glucan, it is a convenient, delicious yet nutritious way to give that extra boost your body needs to stay healthy and strong.


K-Ginkgo Extract 50mg Tablet (HF 060)

K-Ginkgo Extract 50mg Tablet has traditionally been used to improve blood circulation and promote general health.

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(K.K.L.I.U 1058/2016)

K-Kids (HF 066)

K-Kids contains omega-3 fish oil, cod liver fish oil, vitamin A and vitamin D to help support your children's nutritional needs.

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(K.K.L.I.U 1960/2016)


K-Cenzyme Plus (HF 064)

K-Cenzyme Plus is a highly alkaline health beverage which is rich in enzyme that is produced from natural fruits and vegetables essence through an advanced fermentation technology. It is highly effective in body detoxification and enhancing the absorption of nutrients in our body.