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Products - Personal Care


K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo (PC 004)

K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo is a premium sanitized shampoo that can be used in cold & warm water. K-everPure Natural Hair Shampoo safely washes with rich moisturizing & conditioning. K-everPURE is a unique shampoo that possesses antiperspirant, deodorant & sun protection.

K-everPure Passion Fruit Shower Gel
(PC 005)

K-EverPure Passion Fruit Shower Gel is an invigorating and nourishing shower gel enriched with Passion Fruit Extract and Soy Protein to moist and nourishes your skin.


K-OraPlusToothpaste (PC013)

K-OraPlus Toothpaste is formulated with natural herbs extract to help fight bacteria effectively for healthier, stronger and fresher teeth and gums. Smile with confidence all day long! K-OraPlus Toothpaste does not contain fluoride, SLS and DEG.

K-Active Hair Shampoo Plus (PC014)
K-Active Hair Tonic Plus (PC015)

K-Active Hair Shampoo Plus and K-Active Hair Tonic Plus are specially formulated to counter hair problems resulting from scalp imbalance and undernourishment by providing necessary nutrients so that the hair looks fuller, healthier.


K-Chlorophyll Transparent Soap (PC018)

You drink chlorophyll for the health of your body, now you can even use chlorophyll for the health of your skin with K-Chlorophyll Transparent Soap. Made with the wholesome goodness of chlorophyll, K-Chlorophyll Transparent Soap cleans, revitalizes and moisturizes for softer and healthier skin.

K-OraFresh Breath Spray (PC017)

K-OraFresh Breath Spray formulated from natural extracts, it effectively freshens breath, promotes healthy gums and kills plaque-causing germs. Refreshes and moistens instantly to keep your mouth feeling comfortable.


K-OralSPA (PC019)

The unique brush head of K-OralSPA is patented with ion technology, it vibrates at high speeds and drives fluid between teeth to remove stain and plaque more effectively so to provide gentle cleaning for gum and teeth.

K-OralSPA Ergo Cleaning Head (6 units) (PC020)

Patented with ion technology, K-OralSPA Ergo Cleaning Head vibrates at high speeds and drives fluid between teeth to remove stain and plaque more effectively. This replacement pack would guarantee you a continuous uninterrupted usage.